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Pests around your home or business can range from being a nuisance to costing thousands of dollars in damage or being a hazard to your family or staff’s health. ​Example Pest is here to help and can deal with pests on your property either through preventative or reactionary measures. 


Below is a selection of pests that Example Pest deals with and please contact us if you have problems with these or any other pest around your home. 

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Destructive and expensive, termites infect a quarter of Australian homes. The damage can be in the thousands of dollars. Most home insurance doesn't cover termite damage.

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Spiders can not only be unpleasant to have around but in Australia can be a serious threat to your health or even life.

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Mice can be a problem that if not dealt as they breed quickly. They can eat you out of house and home or atleast taint your food with their droppings. They have also been linked to health risks and even fires caused by chewing electrical wires.

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Rats have been linked to many diseases as well as damaging your home. They can damage insulation, electrical cables, compromise the integrity of your retaining walls and land.

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The Australian climate is perfect for ants. They can get into your home bringing who knows what with them. Once they get into your food they can be a real nuisance.

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Wherever humans are, there is most likely cockroaches around. They feed on anything from our food to anything else we leave behind. They pick up diseases and spread them around your house.

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Bed Bugs

Becoming a bigger problem globally, bed bugs can not only cause physical discomfort but can also cause mental pain and can be devastating to affected hospitality businesses.

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With an extremely painful and possibly life threatening sting for those with allergies, wasps, with their territorial nature they can be an oppresive force in your home or property.

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Textile Pests

Your clothes or textiles around the home can fall victim to textile pests due to their keratin content. Textile pests such as moths and some beetle species feed on Keratin making your house an ideal place to feed.
Damage can range from your favorite clothes to important artifacts and carpets.

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